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Guy Cox / James Badger
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Brian J. Morris

Guy Cox is a researcher, writer and retired professor at University of Sydney. He has a BA in Botany and a D.Phil. on "The Ultrastructure of Cells with Thickened Primary Walls". He then worked for a postdoctoral year at Oxford on applications of megavolt electron microscopy to plant cells. In 1975 he moved to Australia to join the Electron Microscope Unit at the University of Sydney. He has published books on Optical Imaging Techniques, Thai Cooking, Microscopy, Caves, and of course, circumcision and the foreskin.

James Badger

Guy Cox has used the pen name James Badger to publish some of his work on circumcision, allegedly to keep "his hobby journalism" from being "associated with his University appointment since that would appear to give it an authority it didn't deserve".

Circumcision surveys

As James Badger, he published a two part circumcision survey on Australian Forum magazine, 1989. Australian Forum is not a peer-reviewed scientific or medical publication. Additional parts of the survey have been published to the circlist website.

Erotic fiction and circumfetish

James Badger is also author of some erotic stories which make reference to the topic of circumcision. One of these stories is called "airport encounter". A pdf file is also available in a Yahoo circumcision fetish group.

James Badger is an active member in the Inter-Circ group, a list that has all the characteristics of a circumfetish group. Inter-Circ is self-described as "a global male circumcision appreciation group encouraging discussion of the pros and cons of circumcision as an adult. The group is also for those who feel that male circumcision is a perfectly acceptable parental decision resulting from religious, cultural, or medical considerations."

Books reviews

James Badger's website has a Book Review section. Surprisingly enough, he is author or co-author on the two books reviewed: "Airport encounter" (erotic fiction, credited to James Badger) and "Surgical guide to circumcision", where Guy Cox and Brian Morris share authorship of two chapters.

Publications by Guy Cox

As Guy Cox, he published an article on Medical Hypothesis in 1995, called: “De Virginibus Puerisque: The Function of the Human Foreskin Considered from an Evolutionary Perspective” in which he quotes data from the James Badger's survey, and thanks Badger for making his data available. A copy of the pdf file is stored on the servers of University of Sydney.

Brian Morris and Guy Cox are co-authors of chapters 19 and 21 of the book “Surgical Guide to Circumcision” by By David A. Bolnick, Martin Koyle, Assaf Yosha, published in 2012.

Brian Morris, in a PowerPoint presentation, has referred to James Badger's survey as the "first ever survey by a USyd academic in 1989″ - in spite of the assumed name.

Brian Morris' website lists as one of its links/resources. In the past, Morris attributed the site to Guy Cox. Currently, the site appears attributed to James Badger. The site itself has no credits.

Guy Cox's websites

Guy Cox's son, Cassian, owns a web hosting company called Lemonred. Lemonred provides hosting to Guy Cox's website and Brian Morris' website as well. Guy Cox also owns a software development company.

BoyGuard - a chastity device for teenagers

On April of 2013, James Badger announced to the Inter-Circ group the existence of a website promoting a chastity device for teenagers,, to prevent masturbation and premarital sex, and also promoting "high and tight" circumcisions to make masturbation more difficult. Badger said the website was "very professional presented".

Evidence suggests that Guy Cox was in fact the author of the Boyguard website, as the contact information was no other than the P.O. Box for Guy Cox' software company.

On April of 2014, circwatch exposed this story. On March of 2015, circwatch received a comment by James Badger which confirmed some of the facts and failed to dispute any of the critical statements. Badger however was silent on the topic of Boyguard.

A few days later, and preceding the publication of another paper by Brian Morris and Guy Cox, the Boyguard website was taken down, and the domain is being offered to sale by a company specialized in reselling domains, Synergy Wholesale.