R. Wayne Griffiths

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R. Wayne Griffiths (* 1933; † 17. März 2017) founded with Tim Hammond the National Organization of Restoring Men, NORM.

R. Wayne Griffiths also invented the foreballs foreskin restoration device, which he sold until 2012.

Griffiths was born in San Francisco in 1933. He became interested in foreskin restoration after coming across information about NOCIRC and the BUFF method. In September 1987, he decided to start some form of restoration. He ruled out surgery, and tried different methods: straps, tape ring.

In a letter a friend told him that someone had used a marble to add stretching and weight. As a construction inspector, Griffiths went to the ball bearing supplier and got two stainless steel ball bearings. One is l" in diameter and the other is 1-1/4" in diameter. He used tape to hung the two balls together, with 1/4"+ space between them. This became the prototype for the foreballs

During the Second International Symposium on Circumcision (held in San Francisco, April 30 to May 3, 1991), Jim Bigelow and Griffiths presented a seminar on foreskin restoration. The history of foreskin restoration through the ages was presented. Slides of the results of recent restorations of several men were shown, with both stretching or surgical techniques. Preliminary results of a survey of circumcised men was also presented.

Griffiths appeared on Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Circumcision.

R. Wayne Griffiths died on March 17, 2017.