Penis (abfällige Begriffe)

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This article collects derogatory terms used to ridicule intact, normal penises which have the natural foreskin. These terms are often used by Circumfetishists and uninformed parents, who want to override their ignorance, Collective Cognitive Dissonance and bias with it. (Click on the terms to see a definition, where available.) Some of the terms listed here are basically pejorative for a penis that does not look the way you would like it to be.

Used by fools who get this animal name confused with the anteater (see below).
Separately a term for a Doctor who performs circumcisions as in someone who turns something on a lathe.
Known as being used multiple times by comedian Marlon Wayans to ridicule intact penises.
Weird: If men without foreskin compare foreskin with a woman's vagina, the insult probably backfires.
This term indicates that circumcised would be the norm which globally isn't. For many intactivists, this is the most insidious insult because it masquerades as a proper clinical term. Consequently, the relevant Wikipedia link is redirected to the term Circumcision.

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  1. seen on Facebook, used by a parent of a freshly cicumcised baby boy