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Keith Ramsey is a doctor of pediatrics and adolescent medicine. He posted a link repeating Brian J. Morris' publication on Mayo Clinic's Proceedings publication. Following criticism from intactivists and others, he posted a request for supportive comments from others, and is apparently defending his posting of Brian Morris' study. He is currently deleting valid and well-referenced comments, and blocking all dissent.

Ramsey's Defensive Post on Facebook
Defending Our Facebook Site

I am under attack by anti-circumcision activists. I posted a reference to a study on the safety of circumcision. After that I had hundreds of anti-circumcision individuals and organized groups attack our clinic's facebook site. Almost all of them are from other countries, where circumcision is not widely practiced. They do not wish to only express their opinions, but want to punish, harass, intimidate and destroy anyone who does not agree with them. I do not agree with their tactics and will not be intimidated into removing the post that mentions circumcision. I think they have the right to their opinion. However, they do not think anyone with a differing view has a right to an opinion or to post it.

I would appreciate anyone who can add positive reviews to our site, to help balance their negative and slanderous ones. Thanks.
Keith Ramsey (Keith Ramsey's Facebook Page)
A Comment on the Mayo Clinic Repost Itself
I review studies pertaining to Pediatrics that I think will be of interest for the parents of my patients. I try to convey that information, along with the source, on my site. In general, I try not to comment on the research. The Mayo Clinic has an excellent reputation for disease treatment, prevention and education. Here is a link to their article. I do not place these reports on my site in order to debate or stir up controversy. Readers can debate the research if they wish. I think disagreements and comments from readers, are acceptable, as long they are civil in nature.
Keith Ramsey
The Reference to Brian Morris Itself
The health benefits of circumcision outweigh all risks, including not circumcising, by over 100 to 1. Dr. Brian Morris said, “Denial of infant male circumcision is denial of his rights to good health, something that all responsible parents should consider carefully,” This is in a study in The Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal.
Keith Ramsey