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Canadian Children’s Health and Human Rights Partnership (CHHRP) Founder and Medical Director Dr. Christopher Guest, MD, FRCPC is Chief of Radiology at the Royal Victoria Regional Hospital in Barrie, Ontario. Dr. Guest has been opposed to circumcision since 1994, when he took a conscientious objector position to it in medical school. Since that time he has produced several powerful videos aimed at educating the public about the practice, and written numerous published pieces.

His video Circumcision, the whole story is a fantastic introduction to anyone who’s new to the issue.

In this age of modern medicine, with all of our technology and knowledge and progress, how is it possible for physicians to promote such a primitive and cruel practice as circumcision? It is difficult to imagine anything more disturbing than the ritualistic mutilation of infant genitalia. The medicalization of this ritual is simply a disgrace to our profession. Forced infant circumcision is medically unethical, it is irrational, it is unscientific and it constitutes a gross violation of human rights.
Christopher L. Guest (Interview with Intact America)[1]