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Foreskin Revolution
Foreskin revolution logo.png
Foreskin Revolution logo
Michael Winnel
Non-profit corporation
Sydney Australia
REFweb Offizielle Website

Foreskin Revolution is a anti-circumcision advocacy organization based in Australia. Foreskin Revolution supports the WWDOGA. The founder and Director is Michael Winnel.

Foreskin Revolution is a human rights movement that uses art, politics and popular culture to spread the core messages - that the normal, whole body is awesome with the foreskin being the most enjoyable part of the body, and that circumcision of a healthy child is an assault on that body that needs to end. We wrap all of this in a revolutionary spirit that holds a place for everyone - cut men and their partners who resent it, intact men who are sick of the body shaming or anyone who understands that our society needs to move beyond this harmful practice. [1]


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  1. REFweb Winnel, Michael. The movement to save men's foreskins has come to Australia.. Abgerufen 19. Juli 2020.