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Known around the University of Chicago Medical Center as the Foreskin Guy, Dan has demonstrated against circumcision at the University of Chicago for over a decade.

Dan was born in Maryland and grew up in Chicago. As a young boy, he experienced an inappropriate genital examination by a University of Chicago pediatrician—something that affected him for many years.

Becoming aware of the intactivist movement galvanized Dan into becoming an active opponent of the practice that had harmed him. "I was finally able to start dealing with my lifelong issues about circumcision in late 1998," he says. The next spring, Marilyn Milos organized a national meeting about the 1999 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision policy in Chicago, where the AAP headquarters is located. "I met an amazing group of people who were excited to do something to protect children and I realized that we must do more to make the issue known."

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