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Alex Wodak
Brian J. Morris

Alex D. Wodak is an Australian Doctor who often promotes circumcision together with Brian J. Morris.


Alex Wodak's interests include circumcision,[1] prevention of HIV among injecting drug users, brief interventions for problem drinkers, prevention of alcohol problems, treatment of drug users, drug policy reform.

Some of Alex Wodak's arguments for circumcision

Intact is harmful to boys and men
Think of real harms to the uncircumcised boy and later man of something like a 1 in 10 risk of urinary tract infection in the uncircumcised, whereas the risk of urinary tract infection in the circumcised is very much lower. Cancer of the penis for example occurs in 1 in 600 uncircumcised men is virtually unheard of in circumcised penis.
Alex Wodak[2]
Skin excretions cause cancer
It's to do with the anatomy of the foreskin which traps material underneath it including presumably cancer causing excretions from the skin.
Alex Wodak[2]


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