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Clifford Spooner was one of the founders of BUFF, Brothers United for Future Foreskins, the first organization advocating foreskin restoration.

Spooner's disdain for circumcision sparked when his mother had him circumcised at age ten. Spooner would grow up to advocate, along with his compatriots at BUFF, a restoration method whereby the skin of the shaft is stretched over the head of the penis and taped in place.

"I too have been an impassioned anti-circumcision advocate ever since that day in 1950 when my mother dragged me—kicking and screaming—to the doctor to have me circumcised. I was 10 years old at the time, so I remember the incident vividly. [...] There is only one sure way to stop circumcision, and that is to make it illegal, period."
Clifford Spooner (Brief an seinen Freund Toni Lesce, AZ) [1]


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